Friday, 6 March 2015

Why to Make Themes with TemplateToaster

TemplateToaster is a feature packed CMS theme generator. It is capable of generating themes with important functionalists and latest designing attributes. The TemplateToaster has made it possible for designers to develop themes by providing the facility of the GUI where designer just needs to design the themes, and at the back-end TemplateToaster itself generates source code of the theme. It acts like a partner for a designer who solves the problem of writing code for designers. With TemplateToaster, I can say that a designer can be a theme developer. 
There are several reasons for liking this software, here are those.

Dedicated to Multiple Web Development Platforms
Unlike other software, TemplateToaster is dedicated to more than one content management system. It works for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento. One software tool aims at multiple solutions. Each of the CMS have been employed for vivid purposes, but the basic need of a theme especially custom theme remains the same. This software, thus, has wider scope for theme development. One can make better use of TemplateToaster for any development purpose.

Faster Theme development while doing no coding
Since TemplateToaster eliminates the need to write code for making themes, obviously the development process becomes faster. While development through coding syntax and semantics takes time intensively, TemplateToaster does this job automatically for the designer.

No matter how technical you are
This seems the biggest reason of popularity. Since TemplateToaster can be used conveniently by anyone irrespective of programming and designing knowledge, individuals like to use it. Though it’s professional standard software, it’s equally useful to everyone.

Full Control over the design

TemplateToaster generates genuine code that conforms to W3c standards, and allows to add the needed functionality to the theme with one click. It gives the user full control over the design and functionality of the theme by giving click-able options. No area of designing is restricted to default settings, settings can be made custom. In simple words, TemplateToaster provide with intensive options for designing and customization.

Custom Defined Widget Areas and Slide Show
You must have experienced yourself that slide show in a web design elevates the appearance of design. With several transition effects and image editing facility, TemplateToaster causes the designer to do amazingly. One more feature of drawing custom widget areas makes its user to praise it and recommendation to others.

Good for making E-Commerce themes
Without any doubt, TemplateToaster is good for developing e-commerce themes. In case of WordPress, it allows integration with Woo-commerce plug-in, which is widely used for e-commerce purpose and in the case of Joomla same purpose is solved with Virtue-Mart extension, and its theme concatenation is also permitted by TemplateToaster.

TemplateToaster is very useful software for making WordPress themes, Joomla templates, Magneto themes, Drupal themes, and Blogger templates. In fact, it is a professional quality software, and I myself have the experience of working with it. I give it 5 star out of 5.

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