Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Best Options to Make Custom WordPress Themes without touching code

There are a number of options of marketplaces on the internet that are selling beautiful WordPress themes. If you want to use such a theme that has not been used by anyone before you, then you can’t rely on the available marketplaces for the reason that so many people visit there and buy the themes for themselves. It is not possible to find a single theme there that has not been bought by anyone. Plus, if you decide to make a theme exclusively available to you, then ready to pay for the giant “buyout” price.

Don’t worry, there is a good alternative of paying the buyout price, DIY (do it yourself). I will tell you the software tools that will help you in making WordPress themes by yourself, without touching code.

WordPress Theme Generators
A complete DIY way is to use a WordPress theme generator. There is an availability of several, it will be your choice only that which one you are going to use to. If you would ask mine choice, then, it is the TemplateToaster. Following is the list of the popular ones.
  1. TemplateToaster- Most Popular and powerful WordPress theme generator. It allows the user to make as many themes as possible to create. With one year license period, updates are provided for no cost up to the period. As per choice, theme can be designed from scratch or can be chosen from the bundle of samples for modification. It will be interesting for you to know about this software, if you download its trial version .
  2.  WP Theme Generator- Yet another good candidate has been the WP theme generator. You don’t need to download it, but it can be used in online mode only. You can simply visit the respective website to know the details.
Theme Frameworks
There are several vendors who are selling their frameworks, which are actually the powerful WordPress themes, but are not installed as they are. A framework provides options, usually in drag and drop form, to change the layout and design elements. Following frameworks are very popular.
  1. Divi Theme
  2. Ultimatum theme
  3. iThemes
  4. DMS Framework from Page Lines
  5. Headway
Which one is better to choose- A theme generator or a framework?
We can’t declare that the theme generators are the best, or the frameworks are the best. Both have their pros and cons. So, it is the matter of personal choice.

Pros of using a theme generator-

  • You can make a unique WordPress theme.
  • No limitation on domain support.
  • You can show your own creativity.
  • You will use the
Cons of using a theme generator-
  • We don’t see any drawback of using a theme generator, especially in case of the TemplateToaster. Might be, in case of free theme generator, you would face problems regarding non-availability of enough of designing options and technical features.

Pros of using a theme framework-
  • You can customize the look and feel of the theme framework according to your needs.
  • You can get the child theme within a couple of minutes.

Cons of using a theme framework-
  • You don’t get an exclusive theme.
  • Limited support for particular domains only.
  • You don’t actually deploy the base theme, but you actually use a child theme.
  • You can’t make unlimited themes from a framework, but you can do this with the theme generator.
 Suggestion and recommendation
I have already told, above, about my personal choice. I think that using a theme generator is the best way, thus, I recommend also. Owing to the robust technical features and a huge designing options, I recommend the TemplateToaster to everyone.


  1. You've not sniffed or highlighted anything around the Grid framework, 'been wanting to learn something a little bit about it before I get to utilize its much touted prowess. And thanks for these WP options. Never heard of them before, save for Page Lines. Helpful round-up. #WP-lover.

    1. You can set the different layout in TemplateToaster. Moreover TemplateToaster provides the Bootstrap3 Grid Framework in Widget areas where you can set the layout like in Bootstrap as in . If you want an article on Grid Framework then I will provide you ASAP .

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