Monday, 9 March 2015

How to Build WordPress Themes without Coding

As you have decided to make your website, you would have some idea as to how your website should look. May be you are desirous to make own theme yourself, but unable to move further because coding is a big hurdle for you. Don’t worry, you can make themes yourself even without coding using a WordPress theme generator.

WordPress theme generator

To use a theme generator is an easy way to make your custom website without coding. The ideal theme generators do not let you write even a single bit of code. You have to make use of your mouse rather your keyboard, and ultimately, theme gets ready to go to WordPress CMS, automatically. I can thus say that making a beautiful custom theme depends on your creativity not your programming proficiency.

Add design elements without coding

Generally, the theme generators provide menu based graphical options that are selected using the mouse pointer, like to select the layout, color scheme, applying images, putting header and footer elements, and so on. You can imagine as to how fuzzy it would be to write code for including such graphics or design elements to make a theme. Moreover, it’s very time consuming to have to write code for making a web design, whereas having to use a generator would take very less time.

Drag and Drop the elements

Most of the advanced theme generators provide the facility to drag an element you want and drop at the place you want that element to put. After “no coding”, the drag and drop feature makes the use of generators worthwhile.

 Variants of WordPress theme generators
Every theme generator is not standard. There are so many generators available in the market, having different features. You will find both, the free generators and the generators at price, on the internet. Free generators have usually less features, whereas the priced generators offer advanced features according to their price.

Good generators produce robust themes

A theme has aesthetic importance your website and technical importance as well. Robust theme pertains to robust website. Your theme should be search engine friendly; ultimately it will help your website to come in the good sight of search engine. A theme, further must have two qualities, one is to be responsive another is to be compatible with all most widely used browsers.
An advanced and dependable theme generator does all these things for its users. Using a good generator therefore will be more beneficial for you along with making you able to design WordPress themes without coding.

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