Saturday, 14 March 2015

Template designing software for Blogger

There are a huge number of blogs on blogger platform that project same look and feel. When you make a blog with the blogger, you see free themes offered to you for customizing your blog’s look. The same templates are offered to everyone. I have realized that many people don’t bother about the look and feel, they just bother about the content.

Besides the content of your blog, the look and feel factor also affects the readers’ concentration. Out there, might be lots of people who want to get out of the monotonous inbuilt templates of Blogger. But, they might have not aware about the options.

So, I am writing this post for them. I would say that for getting a good design, you are not bound to consulting any development company, or the template sellers. You can do it better yourself.

DIY with a Blogger Template Generator
DIY way is the choice of many bloggers, especially the enthusiasts never miss a chance to take a stab at a new thing, creating a blogger template without touching code is such a thing. Writing code is a pain (in case you are a learner not an adept), not everyone can create templates via this way. A template generator eliminates such requirement for producing programming code itself in automatic way, therefore, with generator, no coding no pain.

It Takes a Few Time, in fact, a couple of minutes
The major advantage of code generation software is that template gets developed without having to write code, yet another advantage is you get a fully functional template in very less time which otherwise takes some days, and more efforts.

Free one is not worth it
Free items invite everyone, but it’s a fact that free things never give you less benefit. So does free template generators. Premium generators provide better features, and hence recommended for whom who take it seriously. I have taken trials of two template generators for blogger platform, namely, TemplateToaster and E-INFOTAINMENT, out of which, I have found the TemplateToaster the best one to use. The latter has nothing interesting to make a sophisticated template.

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