Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Template for Business and Corporate websites

"I am going to show you a fine business template, which can be used for a WordPress website, or a Joomla website, or a Drupal website. It has all the modern design features and is coded with best web standards. Plus, it is 
BOOTSTRAP3 based."

This professionally finished template, you are looking at, has been designed with the help of TemplateToaster, which is the buzzing software used by professional designers and developers. 

Corporate Sample Template
Let me tell you the specialties of this template.
  1. Responsive- this template if fully responsive, and hence ready for all types of desktops, tablets, and mobiles.
  2. Cross browser compatible- this is ready for all browsers, which include, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and mobile browsers.
  3. BOOTSTRAP 3 powered- this template is consist the bootstrap styles of BOOTSTRAP framework 3. 
  4. Content Management Platform- this template can be used with
  5. Coding standards- this template is marked up in HTML5 and style sheets are in CSS3.
  6. WordPress, or Joomla, or Drupal.
  7. Validation- W3C validated and Themecheck.org verified.
  8. Slide-Show- Slide-Show is included in the header part of this template.
  9. Logo- Company’s logo as an example has been put on the top.
  10. Typography- Google font has been used in this template.
  11. Optimized code- apart from compliance with the standards, this template is encoded with optimized syntax and semantics. 
Now, I would like to tell you about the designing capabilities of this software, using which this template is made.

With the help of TemplateToaster what can be done to make a professional theme/template?
  • Slide-Show can be made
  • Videos can be embedded
  • Google Fonts can be used
  • Custom Fonts can be used
  • Image Editor can be used for transforming images
  • Custom color scheme can be made
  • Separate designing for mobile can be done
  • Separate designing for tablets can be done
  • Color picker can be used to pick a color from any part of the template
  • Images from a free image gallery can be used
  • Free Logos and Favicons can be used from gallery
  • Custom detailing with margins, paddings, typography, transparency can done
  • Custom widget/ module/block areas can be made
  • Preferred layout can be made and sidebars can be kept
Full width page can be made
Theses points tell just a handful features, related to designing, of TemplateToaster, and it has so much to be explored. So, try its demo version to know more designing options, and evaluating this software.

Although, this software is used by the professional web designers and developers, but, individuals and beginners can also use it for theme/template development.

Why designers and developers use this software?

The professional people use this software for faster and easier development. While, developers can focus on developing the custom functionality of the websites, leaving the designing on TemplateToaster, the designers can independently design themes with the benefit of seeing their designs in action.
Besides, a trust factor is associated with the TemplateToaster that it produces optimized code, so the professional community like to use this software. One more thing that I can’t miss to mention here is that this software is made according to the modern standards like HTML5, CSS3, and BOOTSTRAP3, which again gives the reason to professional designers and developers to use this software.

Why should one use this software?
The biggest advantage of using this software is that, one need not to write PHP code in order to make fully functional themes/templates. TemplateToaster is an automated web design software, which apart from providing designing facilities, generates the source code for the designs in one click. Hence, it is very useful for everyone.

Is it available in other languages than English?

Yes, it is available in fourteen (14) languages including US English. The languages, in which TemplateToaster is available are- US English, Deutsch (German), Nederlands (Dutch), Italiano (Italian), Francais (French), Dansk (Danish), Japanese, Svenska (Swedish), Suomi (Finland), Portugues( Portugal), Espanol (Spanish), Cestina (Czech Republic), Polski (Poland), and pyccknn(Russian).

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A Revolutionary Tool for WordPress Designers

“There are a lot of tools present out there for the WordPress designers, but a handful are there that can be called a complete package for the designers, TemplateToaster is one of such tools, we can refer as a complete package for the designers.”
Wordpress design tools

TemplateToaster provides the widest array of options for designing themes, besides a major benefit of automatic code production. That means, a designer will have to design a theme, and the source code of that theme will be produced automatically by the TemplateToaster. Let us explore about this software, starting with its designing capabilities.

Designing Capabilities

You can avail the greater flexibility and freedom for designing professional WordPress themes with the TemplateToaster. Many designers have given positive reviews about this software that is why I made my mind to purchase this. Having had its experience for designing themes, I make recommendation of using this software to my fellows.
It has got everything that we need need, being designers. And, despite of so many options, the interface doesn’t seem cluttered. The options are presented in Ribbon style, and are categorized according to the sections of a standard WordPress theme, such as “BODY”, “PAGE”, “HEADER”, “SLIDESHOW”, “MENU”, “SIDEBAR”, “CONTENT”, “WIDGET AREA”, “FOOTER”, “ELEMENTS”, and to view the responsive layout - “RESPONSIVE LAYOUT”. The options to set background, margin, padding, height, width, typography, texture, shadow, and effect, those are used for detailing, are present in every menu option on the Ribbon. Hence, it is a good software to be used by professional designers. Yet I have not told you about one more interesting feature of TemplateToaster, it is the ability to draw the custom widget areas in the themes.
“Custom widget areas can be drawn anywhere in the theme, which is the exceptional feature and sought after option in TemplateToaster.”
Let us a have a quick glance at other options.
  • You can make custom color schemes.
  • You can include slide-show in themes.
  • You can make full width page templates.
  • You can use custom as well as Google fonts in your designs.
  • You can transform images through image editor.
  • Options to include labels, badges and alerts in the themes.
  • You can add and design more than one page template.
  • Stylish Favicons and social media icons are provided within the software package.
This video will get you more insights.

I want to show you a theme designed by me with the help of TemplateToaster.

Up to this point, I have told you enough about designing options. Now, I would tell you an utmost advantage of this software for a designer.

It will be your best partner as a coder
Usually, the designer only works on the creative part, they don’t know PHP coding, and that is why they work in collaboration with the developers. The best advantage of using the TemplateToaster is that you wouldn’t need to look for a front end coder, who will encode your design, because, TemplateToaster will automatically generate all the code in one click for your designs.
“Freelance designers may draw the best benefits for them from TemplateToaster as they could do projects without being collaborated with the coders.”
A quick heads up of TemplateToaster’s technical features
  •  Produces clean code
  • Supports BOOTSTRAP 3
  • WooCommerce support inbuilt
  •  Follows HTML5 and CSS3 standards
  •  Follows coding guidelines of WordPress

In the end

No PHP knowledge! No need to write code! All you need is to have creative ideas of designing for WordPress themes. TemplateToaster is there as a partner for every designer, which will automatically generate the programming code for your designs.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Theme Generator for WordPress Developers

The life of developers could get easier if they would be having some sort of tool that would generate bug free code automatically and also gives loads of flexibility to write the custom lines of code. Fortunately, such a tool is not an imagination only, it is present around us with the name, TemplateToaster.

The TemplateToaster is known as an automated theme maker for WordPress, but there is another good side of this software is its flexibility of making themes by letting a professional developer write code. That is why, TemplateToaster is very much for the developers.

Why should a developer get TemplateToaster?

  •  Saves Time and enhances productivity
  •  Developers can do the designs without the help of designers.
  •  Advanced code editors for CSS and JavaScript
  •  Meant according to WordPress guidelines
Saves time and enhances productivity for developers

TemplateToaster produces code automatically. The code, produced by it complies with the WordPress coding guidelines as well as W3C standards. Thus, there is no need to worry about the quality of the code. For the automatic production of code, it will save time, thereby productivity will increase for the developers.

Do designing without designer’s assistance

The developers go to the designers to fulfill the aesthetics of projects. In other words, a developer has to wait till the layout and design of the website get ready, and indirectly, the developer becomes dependent on a designer. TemplateToaster helps developers to bring out their creativity by taking the form of a designing tool. Using the TemplateToaster, a developer can itself do the designing as well.

If you feel like you can put more than aesthetics into your themes by writing code being a developer, then you can use the CSS and JavaScript editors of TemplateToaster.

Separate editors with syntax highlighting

TemplateToaster provides lightweight CSS and JavaScript editors for the coders. These editors have the “code hinting/code completion” feature due to which writing code becomes faster and easier.

Qualities of TemplateToaster’s editors:
  • Simple in looks and light weight 
  • Provide a distraction free environment 
  • Code-hinting feature
  • Syntax highlighting  
  • Code folding
  • Line numbers
HTML5/CSS3 used for mark up and styling

TemplateToaster follows the most recent standards of the W3C that is HTML5 and CSS3. This feature of TemplateToaster ensures to the developers that their development will go standards. So, with the better markup and styles, TemplateToaster is the right choice in contrast to the other theme generators that are meant for the non-IT people.

BOOTSTRAP3 support for themes

Besides HTML5, TemplateToaster uses the BOOTSTRAP3 in producing themes. This is yet another latest technology sought after in the web templates, and all the WordPress developers out there will also like this feature. A developer better knows the importance of this feature in making web templates. HTML5 is directly responsible for the responsiveness in websites.

Follows the WordPress Coding Guidelines

WordPress has defined PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript Standards for the programmers so that consistency in development will be there always. TemplateToaster completely complies with those guidelines. There comes a plugin, namely “Theme Check”, which tests if a theme follows the rules or not. You can use that plugin to be assured about TemplateToaster’s compliance with WordPress guidelines.

In the end

TemplateToaster seems one of its kind software that is so useful for the developers. It is such a theme generator that is meant for making developers’ life easier. It produces some code automatically, rest of the coding you can do with editors, moreover, you can edit the files. In every way, it provides greater flexibility for the coders.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What are your thoughts about automated WordPress Theme Design software?

I have observed the increasing demand of WYSIWYG types of customization plugins during some time. There is also an increase in the number of such kind of software, which allows making WordPress themes without the hassle of writing PHP code. In fact, I also do such a software because I am a designer and don’t like to write code. TemplateToaster lets me focus on my creativity of web designing and template designing that is why I use this software for myself.

In other words, it makes me feel in the programmer’s seat, so I use it. Moreover, it provides me enough options for designing options at one place, which are usually not provided a design tool. Though, I use it and very much satisfied with it, I want to know about what all the WordPress designers out there think about such software.

  Do you also use such a software?
I don’t know whether how many of designers use such tools, but if you are the one who do, then you must have recommendation and review for that software also. Let me know the name of the software you use in the comment area. I will be able to know about more software if you will let me know.

Do you feel they are good for designers?
You can better answer this question if you have experienced an automated WordPress theme designer. Because, I myself use the TemplateToaster, so I find that it is good for the designers. Actually, the software does make many things easy, the biggest advantage is of automatic generation of theme files, and we get a lot of options on clicks. Otherwise, I have to use different tools for different purposes.

Can we rely fully on theme generators?
Being a designer, can you fully rely on an automated tool? It is a good way to deliver a complete solution the clients because of two advantages- one is the saving of time and another is the despite of being not a coder I can deliver my clients a complete website ready.

The software I use also provides the code editors to let the external JavaScript and CSS embed in the source code of the templates. Because, I know these two code languages very well, I am able to deliver even advanced styles on clients’ demand. As per me, I can absolutely rely on this software. But, I want to know the opinion of all the designers out there. Do share your opinion with me.

Monday, 23 March 2015

How Can I Make My Website on My Own?

Website making is not a very difficult task in recent times. If you keep the desire to create a website for yourself, by yourself, then go ahead and do with website development. I am not going to give you code snippets or instruction for writing programming code, I will suggest you to use an automated web design tool.

This a good way for the non- IT people, because they don’t understand the syntax and semantics of programming, and a website development tool will let them create a website without writing code. If you don’t know about coding, even then, you would be making a website.

 I am going to let you know about making a static HTML5 and CSS3 website in this post.

Step one- Make a design for your website

You must have a design idea in your mind because you have decided yourself to make a website for you. If you have a good idea about designing, then, it is good and you can move further, otherwise, you should spend enough of time pondering over the look and feel of your website. You can have a glance at this showcase for designing inspiration, if you have no clear idea about how your website should look.

Step two- Decide on your website’s domain name and register that

Then, you will have to buy a domain that will be the address of your website on the World Wide Web. For example, “www.myfirstwebsite.com” is a domain name. It will used to identify your website on the Web, decide on domain name wisely because it will build a brand name for you. A simple and easy to remember domain name should be yours. There are several domain name providers in the market, you should compare their plans to pick the one for you. Of curse, you will pick the affordable one for you.

Step three- Get a hosting plan along with the domain

Usually, domain registering companies do offer their hosting plans along with the domain registration. When you will consult a company for registering your domain, at the same place, you can buy the hosting from them. But, it doesn’t mean that you will have to buy the hosting plan from the same company. You can register your domain and buy hosting plan from different companies. Like, you buy domain from Google (for the US people only), and can buy hosting from GoDaddy.

Step four- Now comes making your website actually

After buying the domain and hosting, and having your web design ready, you will now have to create your website according to your design. I have already told you that using an automated web design tool is a good idea if you want your website to be built in a day, and without knowing PHP, HTML and CSS. I will suggest you only one tool, because this one I have used myself and been using it for my new web projects. I use TemplateToaster.

You will also like having this to use it for once. It is very easy to use, you can make your website from scratch. The reason being recommended this tool is that it generates clean code that any developer can easily understand the code. The rest of the website builders I know about, such as Wix, Weebly, webflow, offer inbuilt templates, which can be customized a little.

Have an overview of this tool from this video.

Step five- Publish your website

Now, comes the step to upload your website on the server. With inbuilt FTP (File Transfer Protocol), you can quickly get published your website through the builder itself. Following screen is shown to the user while uploading its website on the host server (I have taken the screenshot of TemplateToaster). The credential to fill in the required fields will be given to you by the hosting provider. Then, connect to the server, and copy the website’s folder to the FTP server folder. And finally, your website will be on the World Wide Web.

In the end

This is how you can make your website on your own. I will try to show you the process with the TemplateToaster. I would say that you must take a stab at making a website on our own. If you already have taken a stab, then do share your experience with me right below in the comment box.

Friday, 20 March 2015

One Tool That You Must Have In Your Toolbox Being A Designer

The web designers always keep a fat tool box for doing their job efficiently. They use different type of tools for designing, I will share a tool that is of great values to the designers.

TemplateToaster is a theme generator software based on .NET, innovated for designing themes without doing manual coding. Runs on Windows operating system, it generates themes for the websites those are based on popular Content Management Systems, namely WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop and Joomla.

It is a fortified software having enormous features for themes designing. It was first introduced on March 20, 2012. TemplateToaster has been widely used by professionals. But those are not adequate in website development can also comfortably work with it.


TemplateToaster generates the themes automatically hiding the source code from the user. User needs not to type the code for incorporating any change in the theme using this software. Modifications to the theme have been done by selecting options from the respective menu, making its use for a novice designer easier. However, it has been primarily developed keeping in mind the facility to professionals. Its usability makes it stands out of the other web development tool.

No Hassle of Coding: 

This software frees the user from writing code manually. The user just needs to have an idea in its mind about the look and feel of the template going to be designed. Extensive designing options are given, such that user can design each and every element of the design. And, without the knowledge of the user, code is automatically produced. The user doesn’t have to touch the code.

W3C compliant code:

The source code produced by TemplateToaster complies with the World Wide Web consortium (w3c). You will see the markup and style sheets made according to HTML5 and CSS3. Owing to this compliance, TemplateToaster generated templates can better render on every type of screen (all portable devices and desktops).

Bootstrap3 support:

TemplateToaster generates bootstrap quality code for having bootstrap3 support. It provides interactive bootstrap design elements for template designing. Such type of controls are heavily useful for designing eCommerce web templates.

Browser Compatibility:

This software generates such themes which works equally well on all browsers. This interoperability comes from the clinging to standards of HTML coding in combination with CSS.

Error Free Installation of templates on CMSs

The conformity with the set standard of coding makes sure that after exporting the theme on the local system while installing on respective CMS no error will come out before the user.

Graphic elements are provided in “Ribbon” style

The graphic elements featured by the software mainly include a vast number of options. You can know in detail about the options by using its trial version. I could just say that it is not a basic type design tool with basic options, it is really an awesome tool for the web designers and template designers.

System Requirements

TemplateToaster runs on windows platform. Any of the following windows version is required.
•    Windows XP (SP3), Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and .Net Framework 4.

Language Availableness

TemplateToaster is available in following languages: English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, French, Japanese, and Danish.

In the end

I feel like it is such a web design tool that every designer must have, because it makes their job easier and will work as a development partner. If you are a web designer, it will encode your beautiful designs, which you have to hand over to a front to bring them functionality, and you will be in the programmer’s seat without learning PHP.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Best WordPress Theme Designer

I found TemplateToaster While browsing internet in search of WordPress theme design software. I get to know a couple of frameworks as well, which are technically different from theme generators. The TemplateToaster is actually a theme generator.

Difference between TemplateToaster and frameworks
The frameworks allow to modify their design in order to get the preferred look for the user’s website. That derived look is called the child theme. Whereas, TemplateToaster being a theme generator lets make a theme from scratch, that is user can design a complete new look by itself without the assistance of professional developers.
  Why do I find it the best?
I have several reasons to call the TemplateToaster the best software. It is the best because
•    It supports Bootstrap 3 for designing.
•    It provides extensive designing options.
•    I can Bookmark particular parts of the theme to import that same style to my new themes to be made.
•    I can download it on my personal computer and my designs stay private.
•    I am fully assured that it follows HTML5 and CSS3.
•    Because of bootstrap3 support and HTML5, it creates absolute responsive themes for me.
•    It also provides me the option to take the backup of my themes.

For whom it is advantageous?
If I can divide people in three types- Individuals, designer and developers, then TemplateToaster can serve these three classes in different ways.

Individuals- Some people take the DIY way to make themes by reading online tutorials. This software will be utmost helpful to them.

Designers- Generally, designers don’t know about the PHP programming language which is required to make WordPress themes. This software acts as a front end coder, hence designers can create fully functional themes without the help of developers’ assistance.

Developers- TemplateToaster saves developers’ time as they don’t have to write code for the basic theme structure, they will only have to write code for additional functionality. TemplateToaster provides inbuilt code editors for this purpose.

In the end

I would suggest everyone out there to use this software for making WordPress themes. I have given you all mine reasons to like this software. Share your views right below in the comment section about this software if you have used it. If you have not used it yet, then give it a try, you will also like it.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Web Design Software- What is it and which is the best candidate?

If you get a sudden thought in your mind that you want to create a website for yourself, and then, you get a second thought that you don’t know anything about website development, then, what will you do? Will you drop your plan, or will get ready for learning the web technologies? Probably, you will drop your plan if you are really not that serious for executing your plan.

But, once you will know about the modern automated web design tools, I am sure that you will get ready for making your website with your hands, without any knowledge of web programming.

What is a web design tool and how is it beneficial for you?

Web design software is a tool that allows creation of web templates and static websites without writing code. So, you don’t have to worry about your ignorance about web programming. Such software lets you make the websites without the hassle of writing syntax and semantics.

Kinds of web design tools
Basically, we call any tool as web design that helps us in making websites, but actually, web design tools are segregated into two types-

Website builders: Website builders are such kind of tools that allows making full fledged websites without touching a single bit of code.

Template generators: On the other side, the template generators allow to create templates for the website to be developed with the help of content management systems. A template generator sometimes called a theme generator too.
So, what should I choose from these two?
Well, it is totally up to your requirements to choose a website builder, or a template generator. If we consider the trend, then, websites are being built with the help of content management systems in recent times. The content management systems, in fact, have been made with the perspective of managing big sized websites with no hassle, but not restricted to the big and professional websites. You can use a content management system for making your small personal websites too.

What are good options available?
I have tried myself some popular ones, following mentions are good candidates.

Template Generators
•    TemplateToaster- Like all in one tool, it creates themes and templates for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Magento, and Prestashop.

•    WP Theme Generator- Only for WordPress
•    Lubith Theme Generator- Only for WordPress
•    Headway Theme builder- Only for WordPress
•   Artisteer- Makes templates for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, and DNN skins.

Website Builders
•    TemplateToaster- Creates HTML5 and CSS3 websites. It is a standalone software.
•    Godaddy- You are offered a website builder if you purchase their hosting plan.
•    Webflow- It is a good option to consider.
•    Weebly- Good to be chosen by the starters
•    Wix- It is again a good option for individuals

Suggestion and Recommendation

Although, all the web design software I have mentioned are good to consider, my favorite web design tool is the TemplateToaster. It is a two in one software, that is, it is a website builder as well as a template generator. I began working with this software a couple of months back, it has now become my best web development partner owing to the robust technical features and greater freedom to design websites and templates. I would suggest you to try this software.

Monday, 16 March 2015

How an LLC can develop its website of its own by paying less?

The Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) run on a limited budget unlike the corporate businesses. They (LLCs) take off for the big corporation with a comparatively small budget, and many liabilities to fulfill. If you own an LLC, then you might be aware about the different areas where you try to save the bucks, website development is one of those areas. Because, you own a company, no matter how small it is, a professional website is one of the basic needs to run it successfully. So, this is the point to me for writing this post.

There are three types of categories that LLC owners fall into:-

•    DIY owners who stay ready to learn new things
•    Owners who hire costly services
•    Owners who don’t care about the  quality for lesser money

The very first thing that comes in our mind is to consult the development firms for providing you the web solution. We consult many instead of one, and compare the service charges they ask for. In the end, we get caught into the trap of “reasonable compromised quality” at low cost. But, it is not the right way. I am going to let you know the secret of creating highly professional and interactive websites without paying much for it.

Right Way for DIY followers
There come variety of website builders and template generator software that are like the boon for the people who want to take a stab at making websites by themselves. See, it is not a practical solution to go for learning programming in order to make your websites on your own. It takes a lot of time as well as mind to first learn coding and then applying knowledge to make websites. On the other hand, a website builder or a template creator can do this for you within a day. In fact, less than a day. Below is the list of some trusted software of this kind.

1.    TemplateToaster
2.    Squarespace
3.    Webydo
4.    Weebly
5.    Wix

Alternative of costly development services
 I completely favor the DIY (do it yourself) way of saving some bucks on website development. Once you hire the service of a developer, it will charge you for making your website, and also for the support. Whenever, you will come into a situation of modifying your website or updating it with the new content, you will be charged again. Whereas, if you choose the TemplateToaster, the support guys will support you at every step, they listen to your problem until you successfully establish your website.

My personal choice
As far as my choice about software is concerned, I like the TemplateToaster and recommendation also goes with it. This tool is basically the choice of web professionals. But the non IT individuals also do use it with ease and enthusiasm because its benefits include:

•    Lets you build website from the scratch.
•    Ease of use is the same for professionals as well as individuals.
•    Bootstrap 3 support for website designing.
•    Creates ultra responsive websites with bootstrap support.
•    Plethora of design options.
•    A number of templates preloaded.


Making a website with little or no knowledge at all is no more an impossible task that you can’t do. With a right software tool, a LLC owner can develop a website for itself. A good software tool is all need. Well, the software, I have listed above are good to use, but the TemplateToaster is better because of all latest and robust technical features.

Wish you the best for making your own website!