Monday, 16 March 2015

How an LLC can develop its website of its own by paying less?

The Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) run on a limited budget unlike the corporate businesses. They (LLCs) take off for the big corporation with a comparatively small budget, and many liabilities to fulfill. If you own an LLC, then you might be aware about the different areas where you try to save the bucks, website development is one of those areas. Because, you own a company, no matter how small it is, a professional website is one of the basic needs to run it successfully. So, this is the point to me for writing this post.

There are three types of categories that LLC owners fall into:-

•    DIY owners who stay ready to learn new things
•    Owners who hire costly services
•    Owners who don’t care about the  quality for lesser money

The very first thing that comes in our mind is to consult the development firms for providing you the web solution. We consult many instead of one, and compare the service charges they ask for. In the end, we get caught into the trap of “reasonable compromised quality” at low cost. But, it is not the right way. I am going to let you know the secret of creating highly professional and interactive websites without paying much for it.

Right Way for DIY followers
There come variety of website builders and template generator software that are like the boon for the people who want to take a stab at making websites by themselves. See, it is not a practical solution to go for learning programming in order to make your websites on your own. It takes a lot of time as well as mind to first learn coding and then applying knowledge to make websites. On the other hand, a website builder or a template creator can do this for you within a day. In fact, less than a day. Below is the list of some trusted software of this kind.

1.    TemplateToaster
2.    Squarespace
3.    Webydo
4.    Weebly
5.    Wix

Alternative of costly development services
 I completely favor the DIY (do it yourself) way of saving some bucks on website development. Once you hire the service of a developer, it will charge you for making your website, and also for the support. Whenever, you will come into a situation of modifying your website or updating it with the new content, you will be charged again. Whereas, if you choose the TemplateToaster, the support guys will support you at every step, they listen to your problem until you successfully establish your website.

My personal choice
As far as my choice about software is concerned, I like the TemplateToaster and recommendation also goes with it. This tool is basically the choice of web professionals. But the non IT individuals also do use it with ease and enthusiasm because its benefits include:

•    Lets you build website from the scratch.
•    Ease of use is the same for professionals as well as individuals.
•    Bootstrap 3 support for website designing.
•    Creates ultra responsive websites with bootstrap support.
•    Plethora of design options.
•    A number of templates preloaded.


Making a website with little or no knowledge at all is no more an impossible task that you can’t do. With a right software tool, a LLC owner can develop a website for itself. A good software tool is all need. Well, the software, I have listed above are good to use, but the TemplateToaster is better because of all latest and robust technical features.

Wish you the best for making your own website!

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