Sunday, 8 March 2015

How Good Is Your Website Builder

Personally, I use the TemplateToaster, it is the best website builder for me. I don’t know, which one you use, because there are several. If you also like the same, that is TemplateToaster, then I know that why do you like it, if this is not your choice, then I would like to know as to how much good is your website builder.

How Much Easy to use is that?

The website builders are actually meant for the people who don’t know how to make websites, but they want to take a stab at it. So, it must be easy to use. There must be enough of videos or documentation to show you as to how you are going to use the software.

How Many Designing Options it has

Apart from ease, the number of designing options does matter a lot. What will be the benefit of purchasing a software if it is not going to make you elegant designs? How many options does a software have, and how much flexible it is, can only be known thoroughly by taking trial. In fact, I also have bought the TemplateToaster after having its trial.

Is it Responsive?

The utmost feature that every website builder must have is to make responsive websites. A responsive website renders well on all types of devices. Instead of creating different versions of a website for respective devices, creating a responsive one is an intelligent way. Owing to the Bootstrap 3 support, TemplateToaster is able to create ultra responsive websites.

Are You Provided Personal Support?

See, if you were a technical person, capable enough to do the things on your own, then why would you purchase a website-builder for you. We don’t know at what point, support will become necessary. Luckily, I always get the personal support from the TemplateToaster’s support team. Some software are provided at low cost without promising support, do you own such?

Does it make Search Engine Optimized Websites?

The websites should be search engine optimized from their inception. How much a website is search engine friendly, depends somewhat on how well it has been coded. The W3C compliance and latest HTML/CSS standards are the part of search engine optimization, if your website builder generates trusted code, also compliant with W3C standards, then it is good.

Conclusion and Recommendations

A website builder that owns the latest and technical robust features must the choice of yours. Otherwise, there is no benefit of purchasing such software. The W3C compliance, HTML5/CSS3, responsive, and Botstrap3 support are such features that are required for making technically better websites. I would recommend you the one, which I use myself, TemplateToaster.

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