Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Web Design Software- What is it and which is the best candidate?

If you get a sudden thought in your mind that you want to create a website for yourself, and then, you get a second thought that you don’t know anything about website development, then, what will you do? Will you drop your plan, or will get ready for learning the web technologies? Probably, you will drop your plan if you are really not that serious for executing your plan.

But, once you will know about the modern automated web design tools, I am sure that you will get ready for making your website with your hands, without any knowledge of web programming.

What is a web design tool and how is it beneficial for you?

Web design software is a tool that allows creation of web templates and static websites without writing code. So, you don’t have to worry about your ignorance about web programming. Such software lets you make the websites without the hassle of writing syntax and semantics.

Kinds of web design tools
Basically, we call any tool as web design that helps us in making websites, but actually, web design tools are segregated into two types-

Website builders: Website builders are such kind of tools that allows making full fledged websites without touching a single bit of code.

Template generators: On the other side, the template generators allow to create templates for the website to be developed with the help of content management systems. A template generator sometimes called a theme generator too.
So, what should I choose from these two?
Well, it is totally up to your requirements to choose a website builder, or a template generator. If we consider the trend, then, websites are being built with the help of content management systems in recent times. The content management systems, in fact, have been made with the perspective of managing big sized websites with no hassle, but not restricted to the big and professional websites. You can use a content management system for making your small personal websites too.

What are good options available?
I have tried myself some popular ones, following mentions are good candidates.

Template Generators
•    TemplateToaster- Like all in one tool, it creates themes and templates for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Magento, and Prestashop.

•    WP Theme Generator- Only for WordPress
•    Lubith Theme Generator- Only for WordPress
•    Headway Theme builder- Only for WordPress
•   Artisteer- Makes templates for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, and DNN skins.

Website Builders
•    TemplateToaster- Creates HTML5 and CSS3 websites. It is a standalone software.
•    Godaddy- You are offered a website builder if you purchase their hosting plan.
•    Webflow- It is a good option to consider.
•    Weebly- Good to be chosen by the starters
•    Wix- It is again a good option for individuals

Suggestion and Recommendation

Although, all the web design software I have mentioned are good to consider, my favorite web design tool is the TemplateToaster. It is a two in one software, that is, it is a website builder as well as a template generator. I began working with this software a couple of months back, it has now become my best web development partner owing to the robust technical features and greater freedom to design websites and templates. I would suggest you to try this software.


  1. Hi kindly asking designing from scratch and using Template Toaster which is bettter