Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Template for Business and Corporate websites

"I am going to show you a fine business template, which can be used for a WordPress website, or a Joomla website, or a Drupal website. It has all the modern design features and is coded with best web standards. Plus, it is 
BOOTSTRAP3 based."

This professionally finished template, you are looking at, has been designed with the help of TemplateToaster, which is the buzzing software used by professional designers and developers. 

Corporate Sample Template
Let me tell you the specialties of this template.
  1. Responsive- this template if fully responsive, and hence ready for all types of desktops, tablets, and mobiles.
  2. Cross browser compatible- this is ready for all browsers, which include, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and mobile browsers.
  3. BOOTSTRAP 3 powered- this template is consist the bootstrap styles of BOOTSTRAP framework 3. 
  4. Content Management Platform- this template can be used with
  5. Coding standards- this template is marked up in HTML5 and style sheets are in CSS3.
  6. WordPress, or Joomla, or Drupal.
  7. Validation- W3C validated and Themecheck.org verified.
  8. Slide-Show- Slide-Show is included in the header part of this template.
  9. Logo- Company’s logo as an example has been put on the top.
  10. Typography- Google font has been used in this template.
  11. Optimized code- apart from compliance with the standards, this template is encoded with optimized syntax and semantics. 
Now, I would like to tell you about the designing capabilities of this software, using which this template is made.

With the help of TemplateToaster what can be done to make a professional theme/template?
  • Slide-Show can be made
  • Videos can be embedded
  • Google Fonts can be used
  • Custom Fonts can be used
  • Image Editor can be used for transforming images
  • Custom color scheme can be made
  • Separate designing for mobile can be done
  • Separate designing for tablets can be done
  • Color picker can be used to pick a color from any part of the template
  • Images from a free image gallery can be used
  • Free Logos and Favicons can be used from gallery
  • Custom detailing with margins, paddings, typography, transparency can done
  • Custom widget/ module/block areas can be made
  • Preferred layout can be made and sidebars can be kept
Full width page can be made
Theses points tell just a handful features, related to designing, of TemplateToaster, and it has so much to be explored. So, try its demo version to know more designing options, and evaluating this software.

Although, this software is used by the professional web designers and developers, but, individuals and beginners can also use it for theme/template development.

Why designers and developers use this software?

The professional people use this software for faster and easier development. While, developers can focus on developing the custom functionality of the websites, leaving the designing on TemplateToaster, the designers can independently design themes with the benefit of seeing their designs in action.
Besides, a trust factor is associated with the TemplateToaster that it produces optimized code, so the professional community like to use this software. One more thing that I can’t miss to mention here is that this software is made according to the modern standards like HTML5, CSS3, and BOOTSTRAP3, which again gives the reason to professional designers and developers to use this software.

Why should one use this software?
The biggest advantage of using this software is that, one need not to write PHP code in order to make fully functional themes/templates. TemplateToaster is an automated web design software, which apart from providing designing facilities, generates the source code for the designs in one click. Hence, it is very useful for everyone.

Is it available in other languages than English?

Yes, it is available in fourteen (14) languages including US English. The languages, in which TemplateToaster is available are- US English, Deutsch (German), Nederlands (Dutch), Italiano (Italian), Francais (French), Dansk (Danish), Japanese, Svenska (Swedish), Suomi (Finland), Portugues( Portugal), Espanol (Spanish), Cestina (Czech Republic), Polski (Poland), and pyccknn(Russian).

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