Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A Revolutionary Tool for WordPress Designers

“There are a lot of tools present out there for the WordPress designers, but a handful are there that can be called a complete package for the designers, TemplateToaster is one of such tools, we can refer as a complete package for the designers.”
Wordpress design tools

TemplateToaster provides the widest array of options for designing themes, besides a major benefit of automatic code production. That means, a designer will have to design a theme, and the source code of that theme will be produced automatically by the TemplateToaster. Let us explore about this software, starting with its designing capabilities.

Designing Capabilities

You can avail the greater flexibility and freedom for designing professional WordPress themes with the TemplateToaster. Many designers have given positive reviews about this software that is why I made my mind to purchase this. Having had its experience for designing themes, I make recommendation of using this software to my fellows.
It has got everything that we need need, being designers. And, despite of so many options, the interface doesn’t seem cluttered. The options are presented in Ribbon style, and are categorized according to the sections of a standard WordPress theme, such as “BODY”, “PAGE”, “HEADER”, “SLIDESHOW”, “MENU”, “SIDEBAR”, “CONTENT”, “WIDGET AREA”, “FOOTER”, “ELEMENTS”, and to view the responsive layout - “RESPONSIVE LAYOUT”. The options to set background, margin, padding, height, width, typography, texture, shadow, and effect, those are used for detailing, are present in every menu option on the Ribbon. Hence, it is a good software to be used by professional designers. Yet I have not told you about one more interesting feature of TemplateToaster, it is the ability to draw the custom widget areas in the themes.
“Custom widget areas can be drawn anywhere in the theme, which is the exceptional feature and sought after option in TemplateToaster.”
Let us a have a quick glance at other options.
  • You can make custom color schemes.
  • You can include slide-show in themes.
  • You can make full width page templates.
  • You can use custom as well as Google fonts in your designs.
  • You can transform images through image editor.
  • Options to include labels, badges and alerts in the themes.
  • You can add and design more than one page template.
  • Stylish Favicons and social media icons are provided within the software package.
This video will get you more insights.

I want to show you a theme designed by me with the help of TemplateToaster.

Up to this point, I have told you enough about designing options. Now, I would tell you an utmost advantage of this software for a designer.

It will be your best partner as a coder
Usually, the designer only works on the creative part, they don’t know PHP coding, and that is why they work in collaboration with the developers. The best advantage of using the TemplateToaster is that you wouldn’t need to look for a front end coder, who will encode your design, because, TemplateToaster will automatically generate all the code in one click for your designs.
“Freelance designers may draw the best benefits for them from TemplateToaster as they could do projects without being collaborated with the coders.”
A quick heads up of TemplateToaster’s technical features
  •  Produces clean code
  • Supports BOOTSTRAP 3
  • WooCommerce support inbuilt
  •  Follows HTML5 and CSS3 standards
  •  Follows coding guidelines of WordPress

In the end

No PHP knowledge! No need to write code! All you need is to have creative ideas of designing for WordPress themes. TemplateToaster is there as a partner for every designer, which will automatically generate the programming code for your designs.

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