Thursday, 26 February 2015

Making Websites without Knowing PHP, HTML and CSS

There are a few people around me who I can call techies, they are very good at performing technical tasks and doing website development because they have very good knowledge of programming languages such as php, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others. To be able to develop websites, I was suggested to learn all the related code languages, but I was least interested in learning computer languages. To your surprise, though, I can make a website.

An Interesting Way is to use TemplateToaster Tool

As I have never been into programming, the “Google” gave me answer as to how making a website without learning programming languages. Actually, I found a tool called the TemplateToaster. This is such a tool, which automatically generates code for a website, in other words- it creates websites automatically.

Professionally finished websites

You can make a website looking as if made by professional designers. There come lots of samples along with the software download, which inspire beginners for designing professional websites. You can make professional looking websites within a few hours.

Authentic source code

I consulted my techie friends, who are into coding, about the source code and performance, they praised my project and coding skills without knowing if how I could write code without learning anything about HTML, PHP, CSS, etc. TemplateToaster is really a very fine software tool, especially, for the beginners, or who are not good at computer languages used for developing websites.

The Professionals use this software tool

Actually, this software tool is used by the professionals for making advanced websites, because it provides code editors for advanced styling, apart from built-in graphical options. Moreover, the professionals trust the quality of code it generates.

It is a Time Saving Tool

When you get such a software tool as TemplateToaster, which automatically creates the websites, of course, you would love it. The second reason for loving the TemplateToaster very much is that it is a time-saver. A task of a couple of days could get done in a couple of hours.

Suggestions and Recommendation

I suggest this tool for those who believe in DIY (Do it yourself) ways because it doesn’t require to have the knowledge of writing code. Most of the people use Dreamweaver, but that requires them to learn HTML and CSS. The TemplateToaster is such an easy software that anyone can use it without any preparation. Owing to the best output (that is the quality of source code of websites), I recommend this software to everyone.


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