Friday, 20 February 2015

How to Make a Website If You Are Not a Coding Expert

Many people on the earth do not know coding. So can’t they build a website? Of course they can. The web technology has gone very much advanced. The content management systems are there to be used by everyone who want to create website without specific technical skills. The WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. Magento, and Prestashop are used majorly all over the world. I must tell you that last two, Magento and Prestashop, are better known as eCommerce solutions than the content management system.

A content management system doesn’t need you to have programming skills, in fact, it makes you website management easy and very fast. You need a template to install (that act your website design) on the CMS and a domain to host your website. But problem arises during the times when people need custom designs. Again, technical ignorance hinders custom template development.So, here I will tell you as to how can you develop templates for aforesaid content management systems. There are template generators that help in developing templates, I will tell you about the most popular one.

What is that tool?

•    Automated template generator and website builder
The most popular one is the TemplateToaster. This tool can be downloaded by you for having a trial before paying a fee for its full version download. I have heard good reviews about this tool, and I also have made use of it, that is why I can tell you with full faith that it is a very fine template generator.

How this tool will help you?

•    Very helpful for non IT professionals
The foremost advantage of TemplateToaster is that the user doesn’t have to touch the code. It provides graphical options for designing templates, besides it provides many sample templates, which can be modified or tweaked to your expectations in a few minutes using provided options. You will have to then export the designed template to get a “zip” folder for installation in the CMS. It is not necessary that you will have to complete designing in one go, but you can save your incomplete design for completing that later on. Even after exporting your template, you can open up that anytime, and can modify.

Is it really easy to use?
 •  Very easy to use for everyone
 Yes, TemplateToaster is too easy to use, yet I will recommend to go through the user manual. It resembles the interface of MS Word. In short, all the options are available on ribbon and you can see your design in action while designing.

Designing Capabilities
 •    Huge number of options are given so, you get professionally finished templates
Designing options are not limited in number, there are numerous. You can build up professionally finished templates with TemplateToaster. You can add slideshow in the header, can make menus in different styles, can do connectivity with social media platforms, bootstrap powered labels, badges and alerts can be added, button designing options, and a lot more options are provided.

How Advanced is it?
•    Really advanced owing to ultra responsiveness and Bootstrap3 support
For generating quality code, TemplateToaster is unbeatable. Being an automated software, it is unfair to expect that it will generate the perfect bits of code, but yeah, the quality of code it produces is far better (near manually written code). Plus, it supports Bootstrap 3. That means, the source code includes the bootstrap classes and functions. And based on users’ reviews, it is a perfectly responsive tool.

In the end
Anyone can make a website for him or her, and you too. If you can learn to code, then well and good, otherwise the above solution is best.


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